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Praka – possible portal between Al-Lach Stan and The Bloodstone Lands.
Tschechowitz (y. )
Pszczyna (y. )


Grojec (possible dungeon and mountain, es. 4500 a.d.)
Villa Bien’vin (Bestwina)
Sauter (Wilamowice)


Las Janowski
Trollskogen – Las Trolli


Mount Schwartz (Biłgoraj)

Dungeon interior

Smocza Jama

For there was in the windings of a certain rock a fiercery ferocious monster, called by some a holophage. To its voracity was due each week a particular count of heads of cattle, according to the count of days. Should the citizens neglect to cater for the monster, as if offering a sacrifice, they would be chastened by paying just as many heads of humans. Gracchus, unable to bear such calamity, for he had more love for the land he was son of than for his own children, summoned his sons secretly, brought forward his plans, laid his advice. “These are foes” — he said — “to courage — timidity, to grey hair — unreason, to youth — sloth. For it is no courage if it is timid, no grey haired sagacity if it is unreasonable, no youth if it is slothful. Furthermore, if no opportunity occurs to practice courage, one needs to conceive it. Who, therefore, would ever decline glory that comes of itself, unless he was outrightly inglorious himself! Yet the well-being of citizens, defended and preserved, triumphs for perpetuity. For one should not care of oneself, when there is a danger to the public. Therefore it befits you […] to arm yourselves to slay the monster, it befits you to face it […]. — Losesatanj Al-Messer, Xronica Lroknorum

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