How to move out virtual Google assests

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Google is fine. I’m not telling that Google is evil, but the real dominance of Google Era has to end. My problem is that I’ve found out that my Facebook and Google accounts are chasing me. That is enough I said.

The difficult is that I’ve got to move out from Google / Facebook to another one or two services. I choose wisely.

Virtual data is like clouds and it perish with ease. I need to find out a reliable place to store my so I’ve to find out a possible way to make it a metal-concrete. I choose wisely and decide to move out from Goolge / Facebook / Twitter dimension to a close and reliable one.

I’ve found out that I’m unable to speak german-tree languages properly so I decide to move to my ancestry. I consider polish and russian services as a metal-concrete for my future panel. I know of Yandex and Onet is one of the most experienced services of this kind (and also an owner of computer science community, Page).



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